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(Part # TS-EES01)
Evacuslider Rescue-sheets are a contemporary version of the traditional Rescue-sleds that have been used in hospitals and care homes, to slide patients to a place of safety during an evacuation, for many years. Evacusliders do differ from the older type of Rescue-sleds because they do not have to be attached to the underside of a hospital mattress; they are quick to deploy and extremely easy to use. Essentially they are a thick, comfortable, foam mattress in which a patient is secured into using adjustable safety straps. A super-smooth underside enabled the Evacuslider to glide effortlessly across the floor and down stairways as the patients is transported to a safe zone. Unlike the older type of rescue-sheet, which is attached to the underside of a hospital mattress, all Evacusliders are quick to deploy and very easy to use. Evacusliders are especially useful where space is restricted, such as narrow corridors, staircases and fire escapesEvacusafe’s Premium Adjustable Evacuslider is the first of a new level of Rescue-sheet with its innovative adjustable design and safety tweaks from the Standard model. It has become Evacusafe’s best selling Rescue-sheet due to its vast popularity around the globe. What makes this slider so specially is the fact that it’s fully adjustable and extremely flexible, allowing it to accommodate people of varying height, size and weight. Initially developed with children and smaller adults in mind, it may be also adjusted to take larger people, making it ideal for people who may be overweight or obese. This product has proven to be popular with many schools, colleges, hospitals, paediatric care units, care homes and nursing homes. An inexpensive modern day evacuation solution that suits a wide range of people.
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